The governing body of EuroCham is the Board, composed of:


  • Patron H.E. Barbara PLINKERT
    Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union to Singapore

The Office Bearers

  • President Stefano POLI
    representing Antaeus
  • Vice-President Dr. Tom LUDESCHER
    Representing the SwissCham in Singapore
  • Vice-President Mark GABEL
    representing Sipura Enterprise (Pte) Ltd
  • Vice-President Ricardo Uncilla GARRIDO
    representing the Spanish Chamber of Commerce
  • Secretary Dr. Knut UNGER
    representing the Austrian Business Association Singapore
  • Treasurer Martin ANGELOV
    representing the Bulgaria-Singapore Partnership Alliance (BSiP)
  • Vice-President Dr. Bicky BHANGU
    representing the British Chamber of Commerce

Ordinary Corporate Board Members

  • Ordinary Member François GUIBERT
    Estin & Co
  • Ordinary Member Stefano POLI
    representing Antaeus
  • Ordinary Member Andrew NAYLOR
    World Gold Council
  • Ordinary Member Mark GABEL
    Sipura Enterprise (Pte) Ltd

European National Business Group Representatives

  • Austrian Business Association Dr. Knut UNGER
  • Belgian Luxembourg Business Group Els van POUCKE
  • British Chamber of Commerce Dr. Bicky BHANGU
  • Bulgaria-Singapore Partnership Alliance Martin ANGELOV
  • Dutch Chamber of Commerce Ad KETELAARS
  • French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore Philippe WIND
  • Irish Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) Conor McCOOLE
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore Federico DONATO
  • Norwegian Business Association Leonard O. STORNES
  • Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Roger STADLER
  • Spanish Chamber of Commerce Ricardo Uncilla GARRIDO
  • Swedish Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) Jan STJERNSTRÖM
  • SwissCham in Singapore Dr. Tom LUDESCHER