• ‘The Intelligent Leader Series – From Successful CFO to CEO’

    28th July 2017 ; Friday 8:00AM-12:00PM
    If you are a CFO who aspires to be a CEO, you may have heard that in order to land the top job – and do well in it – you should first seek to augment your financial expertise with operational experience. That sort of advice isn’t wrong but it is an incomplete view of what will truly help you, as a former CFO, excel in the corner office.
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  • Sustainable Business Awards (SBA)

    31st July 2017 ; Monday
    The Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) held in collaboration with our partners PwC and BCSD Singapore, is a unique and important resource for businesses worldwide.
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  • Break the ceiling touch the sky - the success and leadership summit for women

    4th September 2017 ; Monday
    The 2017 World Edition of House of Rose Professional’s Break the ceiling touch the sky – the success and leadership summit for women ™ (Sept 4, the Shangri-La, Singapore) focuses on enabling women leaders with the future skills, best practices, and technologies to live lives of balance, meaning and purpose; to supercharge their own productivity and that of their teams and power their way to the top.
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  • Singapore Management Festival 2017

    14th September 2017 ; Thursday
    Enjoy 40% Off Ticket Prices! Promo Code: EUCHAM
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  • Barcelona Industry 4.0 Week

    1st October 2017 ; Sunday
    From the 1st until the 6th of October 2017, Barcelona will host eight industrial events covering solutions from raw materials, chemicals, plastics & plastic transformation, material processing and surface technologies, to novel manufacturing strategies (AM) and the uses of data and sensoring in an industrial environment (IOT). Approximately 50,000 professionals are expected to attend.
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