Internship Committee

The EuroCham Internship Committee, established after the publication of 'The Internship Imperative' White Paper, coordinates the Singapore-ASEAN Internship Programme. This programme seeks to offer EuroCham's members a pathway to attract talented students from Singapore and ASEAN, as well as to build a talent pipeline, which can facilitate students getting international exposure and build their international background.
Members define specific topics of interest and exchange best practices while working closely with government representatives.

We aim to:
  • Regularly update members of regulatory developments in the industry;
  • Enable a two-way flow of young talent between Singapore and the ASEAN region, and allowing for these students to participate in valuable internship opportunities abroad;
  • Provide a unique platform for companies to attract talented students from top universities in Singapore and the ASEAN region, while offering them a robust experience in their respective industries;
  • Forge strong connections with excellent students early in their academic career, ensuring a source of highly qualified future talent pipeline;
  • Serve as a conduit between on one hand, our members, and on the other hand, political and economic authorities, as well as business associations from Singapore and the region.

EuroCham will be launching the 'EuroCham International Internship Platform' following the publication of 'The Internship Imperative' White Paper.

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